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Unleash The Archers Return to Calgary in support of their new album, "Apex"!

July 7, 2017 - Voxx Promos is proud to reveal the Calgary date for the much anticipated album release of one of the most prominent bands of our Canadian metal family. Prepare yourselves for a multifaceted night of unquestionable talent as we introduce to you the release of Unleash The Archers' "Apex"! Joining them will be our very own W.M.D and returning to the stage for this incredible night will be Calgary's own Hrom! Finally, completing the bill will be up-and-comers, Detherous! We hope you're ready, because this is guaranteed to be a night you won't forget! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unleash The Archers (Vancouver, BC) Legend tells of an Immortal, asleep in a mountain keep Whosoever shall awaken, his endless power reap Shackled by a curse at birth, over which he’s no control Forced to serve as hand of evil, lost without a soul The Matriarch, she has him now, firm within her grasp A ritual to cleanse the bloodlines, immortality at last Find her sons and bring them to her, on altars they will bleed Complete the task and as she promised, finally be free. -Apex Available June 2nd 2017 via Napalm Records Facebook: HomePage: Merch Store: Youtube: Bandcamp: Instagram: Twitter: Myspace: LastFM: Message Board: Member Profiles: Brittney Slayes Andrew Kingsley Grant Truesdell Nikko Whitworth Endorsed By: Ibanez Guitars Los Cabos Drumstickss Scott Dixon Inc W.M.D (Calgary, Alberta) Formed in 2015, W.M.D, previously known as Shrapnal, has evolved into a blistering fast thrash act that consistently destroys every performance. Their name, which stands for "When Minds Develop", is a concept that inspires their heavy Thrash Metal with the idea that the developed human mind is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. W.M.D are currently recording their debut album, which will be released in 2017, so prepare yourselves for a party. These 20-22 year old maniacs don't just destroy the stage....they destroy themselves as well! Hrom Tradisional Power Metal band from Calgary, Alberta. Detherous Old-School Thrash Metal from Calgary, Alberta. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bands at 9 / Tickets - $15 / $20 Door WE ALSO ACCEPT E-TRANSER - Send ticket orders to: Password: voxxpromos Please include the name of the show in your description. (Purchased tickets will be held at the door for pickup the night of the event. The name on your e-transfer will be the name on the ticket for pick up) ATTEND / INVITE / SHARE / SUPPORT YOUR SCENE NO MINORS!! Thank you for your support! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Voxx Promos Insta: #voxxpromos Twitter: Voxx Promos Distortion - Live Music Venue #voxxpromos #distortionyyc #unleashthearchers #wmd #hromcanada3#detherous #followmetoapex #lethalrevenge #yycnow #calgarymusicscene#yyctoday #calgarymetalscene #deathmetal #thrashmetal #hardcoremetal#heavymetal #calgary #yyc #thriveyyc #bandsnbars #barsnbands#cowtownmetal #yycmetal

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